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5 budget-friendly ideas to improve your garden

5 budget-friendly ideas to improve your garden

Posted by adrac on December 15, 2022

Budget-friendly composite decking methods of designing your garden can be the best way to create your ideal outdoor space, without breaking the bank to design that landscape you dreamed of or plant those vibrant hydrangeas.

Another useful idea of creating with budget-friendly composite decking method is that it costs next to nothing to create your space! From growing your own plants from the seed to constructing your own hanging pots, you can enhance your garden for less with this handy list!


1: Make composite planters from leftover decking boards

Using your budget composite decking boards for other purposes is a useful way to ensure that there is no/less wastage. Turning your leftover boards into planters is a great way to save money on retail purchases. You can mesh the boards together to create these handy little plant holders, such as vertical planters too. This includes the wall-mounted pots that create the illusion of a vertical garden in which the plants can grow upwards. It can range from small trees, vegetable plants or just green shrubbery to create a screen of privacy over a wall. You can use fast-growing plants for this such as wisteria seeds.


2: Use reclaimed garden materials

Using recycled garden materials can often look just as new as purchasing it from a department store, especially in your garden amongst the vines. Travelling to reclaim yards can be quite expensive as many people do not have these local to them. However, if you decide to head out to the countryside and come across one, people will often give these materials away for free! Or even for a considerably lower price than in your supermarkets.

You can also search for these materials on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook pages for free items that can have that perfect piece you are looking for. Should you not be able to find what you are looking for. These can be a way to expand your creativity by constructing a unique feature to your garden!


3: DIY your garden

We understand the cost of labour can sometimes be a drawback to garden landscaping. According to statistics, laboring can cost more than 60 percent of your garden redesign. This is why many decide to DIY their own garden. You can grow your own plants with handy guides such as vegetable plants or fruit trees, dig out the garden soil, erecting pergolas from DIY kits or laying your own lawn and composite deck. However, it is best to leave the extensive brickwork to labourer professionals should you have never delved into it before, including stone walls which often need specialists, although you can choose a local tradesman to keep your expenditure costs low.


4: Garden lighting

Using garden lighting can be another way to add a new dimension to any garden. Especially if you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Solar-powered lights are a cheaper option for garden lighting, which is cheap to function. So, we suggest you begin with those.

We recommend that the lighting is used to illuminate plants and water features in particular or any sculptures that are in the garden, to create a dramatic effect in the night. Other cheaper options include spotlights that are fitted beneath. The foliage which also saves money when wanting to conceal the lighting. But still have it shine through onto your décor. If you would like to spend a little more, there are lighting features that can also appear as decorative items such as plant pots or sculptures.


5: Home-made hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a great option to hang your flowers if you have a limited garden space. This option is also the perfect budget-friendly way to display your flowers, with the total materials costing only a few pounds, enabling you to create more than one, instead of paying more for just the single hanger.

To do this, you would need to balance the basket and include the liner filled with soil. Once done, add the flowers to the basket ensuring that they are evenly distributed around it. Remember to continue to water the plants within your hanging basket as these can be sometimes neglected due to the structure. And always place within a spot that receives sunlight.