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What Is WPC Decking & Plastic Decking?


WPC decking, also known as composite decking is a landscaping material that is a long lasting alternative to timber decking. WPC which is an abbreviation for Wood Plastic Composite is made from wood, plastic and 10% bonding agents. The bonding agents are the special ingredients which strengthens  the decking boards plus adding the protective factors such as UV colour resistance, green mould resistance and insect protection.

What’s so good about WPC Decking

Seeing the growth of wood plastic composite decking it has created some fantastic outdoor spaces. Roof terrace to BBQ areas, the versality to add extra living space to the home is one of the many  benefits of WPC decking includes. The positives shun timber decking away as detailed below.


Low Maintenance Durability


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WPC is a lifetime deck solution that does not need treating or painting. Next to zero maintenance it only needs a clean with the seasons. Deckorum offers a 25 year warranty for a product we know will last much longer. Strength tested to withstand all of what daily life can bring the best of WPC UK is ready for it. Deckorum is proud to be recognised and award winner for Best Performance Composite Decking 2023.


Non-Slip WPC Decking

Deckorum decking boards are slip tested to be used in a variety of settings. As a premium WPC supplier the decking need to qualify for the use of commercial purposes. With Low risk to slip when wet, the results make the boards pass safety regulations to use in restaurants, cafes, courtyards and bars. The excellent performance reduces risk of injury and allows the deck to be used throughout the year.



Eco Friendly WPC

Made from 100% recycled materials the impact Deckorum hopes to gain is protecting the planet. Deckorum believes sustainability is important and protecting the planet from pollution.  The Wood part comes from sawdust leftover from manufacturing furniture and construction materials. The wood is from Timber that is FSC approved. All the timber used is from responsibly sourced forestry that plants more trees than they use. The plastic used is HDPE (high density polyethylene), this is sourced from recycled bottle caps, car bumpers and non-reusable plastics. Instead of landfills the material is used to create WPC decking boards to create outdoor living space.

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The Effective cost of WPC Decking

The long-term saving for WPC UK outweighs the cost of buying timber decking. Time and costs spent to maintain a timber deck means it is more cost effective to buy WPC decking. The fast clip system also allows for faster installation, saving time on labour for installers or completing it as a DIY project.

Overall in terms of how long a product lasts and costs over 10 years, WPC decking is a easy win. It is calculated that a timber deck can cost £35-41 installed per square metre according to TrademenCosts. Yearly, the maintenance cost would be £20-30 for paint, staining around £40-80 depending on number of coats plus labour of 2 hours minimum that would be estimated at £37 per hour totalling to an average of £120 per year or until the timber begins to rot (HomeHow). Composite does not require this level of maintenance and can be cleaned with water. An installed cost for WPC decking is approximately £78-120 per square metre allowing time to enjoy the garden. Comparatively you are saving at least 50% for the duration of the WPC deck and also exclude sanding splinters and repairs that come with timber decks.

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Hot Temperatures & Fire Safety

With hot summers predicted in the future and with a summer like 2022 where we saw temperatures reach around 35 degree Celsius the WPC is tested to be safe to 90 degrees. Ideal to lay out the sun loungers on and around a swimming pool the deck provides a levelled surface. It is good to know that all surfaces will get hot in extreme heat and to always use protective solutions on the skin. Deckorum WPC decking is Fire tested to be compliant with fire safety laws and regulations. Gaining a B1 S1 result for flooring it achieved the highest level possible for a wood-based product. Approved to use in apartment buildings and skyscrapers, the WPC is exceptionally safe.


To conclude, WPC decking is a highly durable and low-maintenance landscaping choice that offers a variety of benefits over timber decking. Through its excellent strength, slip-resistance, eco-friendliness, and fire safety, WPC decking is the preference for creating a pleasing outdoor space. Additionally, the long-term cost-effectiveness appoints it an attractive option for homeowners and landscapers alike. Deckorum’s award-winning WPC decking is testament to the quality and performance, and its 25-year warranty is a clear indication of its durability and longevity. As demand for sustainable and low-maintenance landscaping materials continues to grow, WPC decking is to remain a popular choice for years to come.

Royale Range Decking

A premium composite that’s easy on your pocket. With a natural 3D embossed wood grain texture on one side and a grooved finish on the reversible side. .

Sollast Range Decking

Add value and class to your home with this eco-friendly traditional deck. Reversible with varied grooves on both sides.

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TrustPilot | 5 Stars

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