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Confidence is paramount, hence why we offer a robust 25 year warranty on all of our decking products. Learn more here.


Our goodwill returns policy, which is in addition to your statutory rights, entitles you to a refund or exchange for an item bought online or in store with a valid receipt or parcel summary document within 14 days of purchase or receipt, excluding sale items. Some items are excluded from the goodwill returns policy: this does not affect your statutory rights. For a refund or exchange under our goodwill policy, items must be unused, returned in the original packaging and in a re-saleable condition. The Buyer is responsible for the safe return of goods and damaged goods will not be accepted.

We do offer a Mainland England and Wales return service for our products and can accept returns so long as they are in perfect condition. A 15% restocking fee will be applied to any refund due. A collection charge may be applicable and this will be £89.99 + VAT (subject to change) on items which can be returned via a national parcel delivery service.


DCD & C Group warranty the owner of the Deckorum Composite Wood Decking by against any manufacturing defects for a period of TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS from date of purchase. Please keep your proof of purchase.

This Warranty shall have full validity only when the consumer has registered within 90 days of purchase of the product as by when the consumer submits the date of purchase, address of purchaser and address of installation if different.

The consumer shall send the defective product to DCD & C Group, In order to be effective, this warranty must be registered by letter or email to DCD & C Group reserve the right not to offer the free warranty service if the requirements set forth in the preceding paragraph are not met, or if the information provided by the consumer is false, incomplete or illegible.

What the warranty covers

The warranty obligates DCD & C Group to replace or percentage of refund any defective product for a period of TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS under the terms and conditions contained herein, with the same characteristics (colour, thickness, etc.) as those of the product purchased by the customer.

This warranty covers Deckorum Composite Wood Decking for applications permanently installed in the exterior of a dwelling (or property intended foruse as a residence) of the consumer or the end user of the product.

This Warranty is in all cases conditional upon the strict observance by the consumer of the instructions for use and the maintenance of the Deckorum composite wood decking product as detailed in the maintaining your decking page online at

What the warranty does not cover

Any damage directly or indirectly caused by any action, work or any other intervention carried out by third parties not related to DCD & C Group, such as: problems caused by an incorrect finish / preparation of the product by inappropriate installation methods or by any other modification or manipulation of the original Deckorum composite wood decking product, such as variations in colour, thermal impact or an inappropriate chemical treatment, performed by third parties not related to DCD & C Group Damage resulting from the improper use, including, but not limited to: (i) use of the product for purposes other than for which it was intended; (ii) use of the product in a way that does not comply with the applicable technical or safety standards; (iii) failure to follow the maintenance information; and (iv) exposure of the product on the incorrect position of buildings.

Natural disasters, damage caused by the interaction of other products or any other cause beyond the control of DCD & C Group Variations in colour and / or tone derived from natural changes over time occurring in the different components of the product.

Cracks in the surface after its installation. Cracks in the final product are not considered an indication of defective material. The main causes of cracking are movement, the direct application of heat on the surface, the placement of excessive weight on the surface or the result of scraping, bumping or impacts to the material after its installation.

The definition of the manufacturing defects covered by this Warranty does not include the durability of services ancillary to the actual functionality of the product during its period of validity. Chipping. Chipping is not due to defective material but is theresult of scraping and bumping objects against the edges of the surface.

Any problems or damage resulting from exposure of the product to intensive and continuous use for long periods of time: including, among others, discoloration, loss and decline in performance and aesthetic characteristics. Problems, damage or inconvenience arising from the generation of static electricity or the use of products designed to eliminate or reduce its effects.

Damage arising from deficiencies or omissions in the technical projects on which the buildings are executed, in which Deckorum composite wood products are used.

Differences between samples or photographs of any Deckorum composite wood decking product and the true product purchased are also excluded. Also excluded are the spots or stains produced by components of the material defects, since DCD & C Group do not under any circumstances sell products having such defects.

This warranty does not apply to repairs to and / or handling by DCD & C Group

This warranty covers a percentage of cost or the replacement of the defective product with one of identical characteristics (colour, thickness, etc.) as those of the product purchased by the client, unless this is impossible owing to the product being discontinued.

How to use this warranty

To register as the holder of this warranty, the warranty must be activated through letter or This document requires certain information to complete registration, including information regarding the date of purchase, as well as address of the customer, we therefore recommend that customers register directly at the time of purchase or within 90 days of purchase. At the end of the registration, the customer may have this warrantyprinted for his/ her use.

How to make a claim

If you believe that there is a defect in your Deckorum composite wood product and wish to make a claim under this warranty, you must do so by email and / or letter, or by telephone by contacting DCD & C Group Customer Service and stating your warranty information:

  • DCD & C Group
  • The Ace Centre, Cross Street
  • Nelson
  • BB9 7NN
  • Tel: 0203 633 4979
  • Email:

If a Deckorum composite wood decking by DCD & C Group product is found with a defect, within the terms and conditions of this warranty,

DCD & C Group will, after due verification, proceed to replace or refund the material. The 25-year period established in this Warranty is only applicable to those composite wood decking products that are sold and registered after 1 January 2017.

To activate the warranty service and to clarify any terms and conditions please email

Technical Specification

Our Technical Specification provides an insight into the rigorous testing process to authenticate our products as strong and durable.

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The slip test results demonstrate both grooved surfaces with anti-slip properties on wet and dry conditions resulting in low risk.

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