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5 Things a Landscaper Should Know

5 Things a Landscaper Should Know

Posted by Deckorum Admin on June 13, 2023

5 Things a Landscaper Should Know (Deckorum)

Landscaping projects require careful planning, quality products, expert advice, and efficient after-sales support. As a landscaper, you want to ensure that you have the necessary resources and assistance to deliver outstanding results to your clients. In this article, we will explore five key things that every landscaper should know about Deckorum, a leading provider of composite decking solutions. Deckorum goes above and beyond to support landscapers with dedicated account managers, award-winning products, an in-house design team, sample provisions, and efficient after-sales services. Let’s dive into the details.

Deckorum’s Dedicated Account Managers for Landscapers

Deckorum understands the importance of seamless project execution for landscapers. That’s why they offer dedicated account managers who work closely with landscapers to provide comprehensive provisions and ensure successful project acceptance and completion rates. By registering as a recognized installer, landscapers gain access to prospects planning their landscaping projects. This not only increases the landscaper’s visibility but also opens up financial and business growth opportunities. With the guidance and support of Deckorum’s dedicated account managers, landscapers can expand their client base and enhance their professional reputation.

Award-Winning High-Quality Products

Deckorum takes pride in their award-winning and high-quality products. They have received accolades for “Best Performance Composite Decking” and “Eco-Friendly Solution of the Year.” These awards reflect the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional products that meet the highest industry standards. Deckorum’s composite decking products undergo rigorous testing for strength, slip resistance, and fire rating to provide a robust and reliable solution for landscapers. Moreover, Deckorum’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends to their excellent delivery service. Whether landscapers need quick delivery or require products at a specific time, Deckorum’s dedicated vans ensure that the service matches the requirements of the job.

In-House Design Team and Expert Advice

Deckorum goes beyond offering high-quality products by providing landscapers with an in-house design team. This team is equipped to offer quotations and expert advice, enabling landscapers to make informed decisions. Whether it’s calculating the required materials for a project or finding efficiencies to reduce installation and materials costs, the design team’s expertise can prove invaluable. Landscapers can save time by relying on Deckorum’s design team to provide relevant information based on project diagrams and images. This support streamlines the planning process and allows landscapers to focus on executing their projects effectively.

Samples for Prospects

As a landscaper, impressing prospects with the quality of your work is crucial. Deckorum understands this and provides samples upon request. These samples offer a real-life example of the product’s quality, textures, and colours. From sample packs to displays, Deckorum assists landscapers in showcasing their expertise and the aesthetic appeal of their projects. By providing prospects with tangible samples, landscapers can demonstrate the superiority of Deckorum’s products and increase their chances of securing new projects. The availability of samples gives landscapers a competitive edge and instils confidence in potential clients.

Efficient After-Sales Service

Deckorum values the importance of a seamless and efficient after-sales process. They understand that delays or additional product needs can disrupt project timelines and incur extra costs for landscapers. To address this, Deckorum offers a streamlined after-sales service. Landscapers can rely on a one-time delivery cost, ensuring prompt and hassle-free delivery of any additional products required. Whether running short on supplies or needing extras to complete a project, the Deckorum team rushes to address these needs, minimizing wait times and ensuring job completion without unnecessary delays.


When it comes to landscaping projects, Deckorum provides landscapers with essential resources and support. From dedicated account managers to award-winning products, an in-house design team, sample provisions, and efficient after-sales services, Deckorum understands the needs of landscapers and strives to meet them. By partnering with Deckorum, landscapers gain access to a wide range of benefits that contribute to the success and growth of their businesses. Deckorum’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes them an ideal choice for landscapers seeking reliable composite decking solutions.


FAQ 1: How can Deckorum’s dedicated account managers benefit landscapers?

Deckorum’s dedicated account managers provide comprehensive provisions and support to landscapers, ensuring successful project acceptance and completion rates. They also offer financial and business growth opportunities by connecting landscapers with prospects planning their landscaping projects.


FAQ 2: What awards has Deckorum received for its products?

Deckorum has received awards for “Best Performance Composite Decking” and “Eco-Friendly Solution of the Year.” These accolades highlight the quality and innovation behind Deckorum’s products.


FAQ 3: How does Deckorum’s in-house design team assist landscapers?

Deckorum’s in-house design team provides quotations, expert advice, and helps landscapers calculate materials and find efficiencies to reduce costs. They save landscapers time by providing relevant information based on project diagrams and images.


FAQ 4: Can landscaper request samples from Deckorum?

Yes, landscapers can request samples from Deckorum. These samples provide real-life examples of product quality, textures, and colours, helping landscapers impress prospects and secure new projects.


FAQ 5: How does Deckorum ensure efficient after-sales service for landscapers?

Deckorum ensures efficient after-sales service by offering a one-time delivery cost, addressing any shortfalls or additional product needs promptly. They prioritize timely deliveries to minimize project delays and extra costs.