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Best Composite Decking in Manchester UK

Best Composite Decking in Manchester UK

Posted by adrac on November 9, 2022

If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting decking option in Manchester UK, Deckorum composite decking may be the perfect choice for you. Manchester is a thriving city with the humble bumble bee as its symbol that denotes the hard-working ethic of Mancunians and Manchester being hive of activity. From apartments to garden swimming pools, Manchester has variety of properties to create a landscaped space. Composite decking is made up of a variety of materials, including responsibly sourced recycled wood and recycled plastic, which makes it a versatile and durable option. Deckorum composite decking is also relatively affordable, which makes it an investment compared to other hard landscaping.

Why Choose Composite Decking?

There are many reasons why you might want to choose Deckorum composite decking for your next project. First of all, composites are a great option when it comes to adding more usable outdoor space all year round. Additionally, Deckorum composite decking is also very strong and can handle a lot of wear and tear. Finally, Deckorum composite decking offers a variety of beautiful finishes that will sure make your deck looks its best.

The Different Types of Composite Decking


The most common type is WPC (wood plastic composite). A composition of 55% wood and 35% plastic with 10% for additives. This can include anti-mould, UV protection and insect repellent to keep the composite decking boards maintenance free. 4th Generation decking like the Royale Range has a layer of capping to protect even further against wear and tear.

Co extrusion decking

Co-extrusion is the latest technology in the WPC industry. The composite board uses unique co-extrusion formulas for complete coverage. This protects the WPC decking, enhancing scratch, stain, and waterproof resistance.

How to choose the right composite Decking?

Decking for most outdoor spaces is well suited. Garden patios, garden rooms, roof terrace or balcony.

Purpose for the Deck: What is the deck for? Sitting outside on the garden furniture, an added play area for children or surrounding the new garden room. It is worth thinking about what the composite decking would be used for to plan what the size of the deck area needs to be.

Size of the deck: Measure the deck area and plan which direction you want the boards to run. The size of this length should indicate the length of board to be most efficient to the deck layout. This means you would need less boards and in turn less labour involved.

Warranty: What is the warranty length offered for your composite decking boards and what does it cover. Deckorum offers a 25-year warranty which protects the boards against warping, splintering and colour fading based on the age. Some manufacturers offer lower warranty time for their composite decking due to its poor quality.

Maintenance: Composite decking needs to be low maintenance and hassle free. Consider the colour, sunlight and water drainage when choosing where to position your deck. Furthermore, in high traffic areas, a darker color may be preferred and for kids playing, a harder wearing deck with capping layers is ideal.

Can I Install Composite Decking?

Deckorum Composite Decking is designed to make it easy to install. It is possible to lay quickly in most spaces and neatly by using the composite decking clips available which provide the spacing between the boards. Simple to cut to size and fasten to the joists makes composite decking quick work for an experienced joiner or a little know how for the hobbyist DIY enthusiast.

Installation guides are available with a multitude of installation videos to watch and learn how to install composite decking. Therefore, the preparation of the substructure is of utmost importance in ensuring the health and longevity of the deck.

Deckorum offers an installation service and expert advice using layouts and an enhanced breakdown of materials needed for your decking project. Contact the team for more information and choose the best performing composite decking winners for 3 years in a row. Excelling in strength, anti-slip and fire rating the Deckorum Composite Decking boards will provide to quality matching to your home in Manchester.