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Best Composite Decking in Manchester

Best Composite Decking in Manchester

Posted by Deckorum Admin on July 1, 2023

Best Composite Decking in Manchester, UK

Homeowners in Manchester look to enhance their outdoor living spaces with the best composite decking available. Among the various types of decking materials available, composite decking stands out as a durable, low-maintenance, and visually appealing option. In this article, we determine the best composite decking options for Manchester and discuss the features, benefits, and installation considerations.

When it comes to creating an outdoor space for aesthetics, durability, and ease of maintenance, Deckorum composite decking emerges as an excellent choice in Manchester where we can sometimes see all the seasons in 1 day. Deckorum Composite decking is made from a unique blend of wood fibres and non-toxic synthetic materials, providing strength with eco-friendliness.

Deckorum Composite decking has many benefits of which are low Maintenance, requiring no staining, sealing, or sanding. This is virtually maintenance-free. The deck resists colour fading, resistance to stains and repels mould growth, making it an ideal choice for worker bee Mancunians to enjoy rather than maintain.

In terms of Durability Deckorum testing is highly developed. Slip, strength, and fire ratings ensure it can withstand harsh weather conditions, including Manchester’s climate. A resilience to rot, warping, and cracking, ensures a long lifespan for your deck with a warranty offering 25 years of worry-free certainty.

As Deckorum decking advanced in manufacturing technology, the 4th generation composite decking now offers a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes. Whether you prefer the classic look of wood or a more modern design, there is a composite decking option to suit your style.

Sustainability is incredibly important to Deckorum, and only recycled materials are used in products, reducing the demand for wood and we continue to contribute towards environmental conservation.

Top Composite Decking Brand in Manchester

When choosing composite decking for your outdoor space in Manchester, it is important to consider a reputable brand that offers quality products. Three top reasons make Deckorum known and chosen as an exceptional composite decking supplier.

Reason 1

Deckorum decking boards are renowned for innovative composite decking solutions. They feature a realistic wood grain appearance and are available in a variety of colours. This allows them to blend in with nature or maximize living space for a seamless indoor to outdoor transition. The boards are engineered to resist moisture and certify a long-lasting beautiful deck.

Reason 2

With a capped layer for extra protection the enhanced resistance to scratches, stains, and fading qualify the decking as a life choice for the family. The range of decking lengths includes different profiles and sizes to accommodate various design preferences. Making efficient, you can create a stunning outdoor space that requires minimal spend.

Reason 3

Deckorum is known for its eco-friendly composite decking materials and efforts to support better greener options. As a company, we ensure that all packaging is recyclable, and we plant a tree for every sale. We use FSC approved wood fiber and repurpose plastic destined for landfills to create composite decking. We have recycled over 100 tonnes and continue to recycle more.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Composite Decking

Before deciding on which type of composite decking to install in your Manchester home, there are several factors to consider:

Quality and Warranty: Does the warranty meet your expectations of offering high-quality products with a reliable warranty. A longer warranty period is an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their decking’s durability and performance. Deckorum offer 25 years for peace of mind.

Colour and Texture: Consider the colour and texture options available. The Royale and Sollast range share colours to match your outdoor look, for a more natural appearance the Royale range or the contemporary straight-lined look the Sollast range is well suited.

Budget: Determine your budget for the decking project. Composite decking tends to have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional wood. However, its long-term durability and low maintenance costs can offset the initial investment.

Installation: Evaluate the installation process and whether you plan to install the decking yourself or hire professionals. The Deckorum fasteners provide an easy-to-install system. However, if the project requires greater levels of preparation, you may require specialized tools or professional assistance.


Deckorum Composite decking offers a fantastic solution for homeowners in Manchester who want a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance outdoor deck with our wide range of benefits, including resistance to the rain and sun. With a variety of styles and colours, composite decking can transform your outdoor space into a functional and visually appealing area for relaxation and entertainment.

By choosing Deckorum as your reputable brand  as recognised in MasterManchester and considering essential factors like quality, warranty, and budget, you can find the best composite decking option with us that suits your needs.