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When paying a little more can mean paying a lot less

When paying a little more can mean paying a lot less

Posted by adrac on December 18, 2020

“Is composite decking worth the extra cost?” a commonly asked question. Call us biased but we would give you a resounding YES every time and with a good reason.

Don’t skimp on your composite decking – it’s worth paying a little more to get a product that will last longer and look better. We’ve got a great selection of the best composite decking available.

Let us explain.

Is a conventional timber deck cheaper? If one was to consider the initial cost only, then you wouldn’t find us arguing against it. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll soon find yourself embroiled in maintenance costs that mount up year on year. Hundreds spent on products to keep your deck from fading, molding, splintering, becoming slippery and rotting away. But perhaps more importantly, the bigger cost is to your personal time. The number of laborious hours wasted at attempts to maintain an ever diminishing timber deck.

So where’s the value in a best composite deck?


Are we not all custodians of this beautiful, blue and green planet? Merely renting space here momentarily, only to pass it on the next generation of inhabitants. Now whilst we may feel we can’t do anything on a macro level, we can all do our bit. Composite decks give something back by using recycled wood and plastics. Not only does this slow down the slaying of trees, it removes plastics from the oceans.

Beautifully crafted

Those in search for a conventional styled deck, our premium wood grain finished Royale Range is for you. For a more contemporary look, look no further than the sleek Sollast Range. Whichever range you prefer, rest assured you’ll be setting foot on a stunningly designed deck.

Every molecule matters

We find some of the greatest architects belong in nature. So we’ve been busying ourselves with the methods of the master technicians at building robust structures, the bees. Our decking uses Honeycomb technology and is heat pressure molded. Not only will your deck last for decades, it requires very little intervention on your part to maintain it. So you can render those paintbrushes, staining and sealants retired.

Extended Warranty

Lay your Deckorum composite deck with the peace of mind of a 25 year warranty. Meaning you won’t be replacing it every few years like a timber deck or even some of the cheaper composite products out there.



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