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Can composite decking be laid on concrete?

Can composite decking be laid on concrete?

Posted by adrac on September 4, 2022

Can composite decking be laid on concrete?

Well, if we’re talking about laying it directly on the floor, then no. However, if you use the correct sub frame, then of course! You would have to ensure that it is suitable for the ground to determine the stability of your deck. Nobody wants to replace their decking sooner than they thought, all because of an improper subframe.

So, what frame can you use to lay the composite decking boards on top of? We highly suggest our composite joists (see under ‘Substructure’ on our website), and that’s not just us, it is our qualified installers too! Deckorum composite joists are comprised of a long-lasting and durable material that ensures longevity. And you would not need to treat it for rotting as you would do for an untreated timber frame. Composite Joists are made from recycled plastic, they’re good for the environment too.

Composite joists are also versatile enough to be used on other foundations such as patios or paving base. Please note that should your deck be placed on such ground, the substructure would also need to be adjusted to ensure that it allows the correct amount of airflow and drainage, which you would not often need to do with grass where the water and moisture can seep into the soil.

Building your own concrete base

The following section is for those who want to build their deck on a subframe that rests on concrete.

To build your own composite decking on concrete base, you can find your local (or Deckorum) Ready Mix Concrete suppliers. All you would need to know is the size of the designated area that requires the concrete. To do so, you must ensure that you dig a minimum depth of at least 6cm and fill it with concrete to create the base. As instructed, you may also use sand and cement with water for areas that are small and only require small-scale amounts.
After the mixture has dried, you must also ensure the groundwork has the correct drainage. This is to make sure that water does not sit on the deck or flood the underlay. You would need to use a drill and insert holes at intervals of 1.5m.

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