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Can I build composite decking around a pool?

Can I build composite decking around a pool?

Posted by adrac on September 21, 2022

With the heatwave that we can all remember, who wouldn’t want somewhere to cool off or dip their feet into to surpass the perspiration, exhaustion, and dehydration?

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool and are thinking of laying composite decking around the pool, there’s a few things to consider

We won’t discuss the amazing array of composite decking options, including the nimble designs, wood/groove finishings, sizes, and colors because they speak for themselves. You wouldn’t need to even worry about slipping and sliding across your composite decking thanks to its high level of water resistance and slip resistance, so perhaps I shouldn’t need to mention that.

You can be certain that the composite will hold up well on slick surfaces thanks to the textured surface created by the grooves and imprint of the wood grain boards.

Composite decking boards are comprised of a 55% wood fibre, 35% high density polyethylene and 10% of a high-quality, non-fading colour pigment with bonding agents that infuse the product together to last. In essence, this means that composite decking is also resistant to rot and warping, unlike wooden decking, in which the water can ultimately ruin and splinter.


To build your composite deck around the pool, ensure that you correctly measure the diameter and height of the pool to determine the size of the decking. You would then need to plan the space from the pool and deck edges so that there is enough walking room. Once you have gathered the measurements and your materials, you can begin by creating your frame for the decking. The composite decking can then sit comfortably and securely on top to ensure that there is no movement from the boards or frame.

Conclusively, borders for a pool must have a higher requirement in the performance of the overall sitting. This means that they must be slip resistance and not retain water. In addition to the cheaper cost in comparison to concrete and slabs, composite also offers a little to no maintenance solution. Whether you are looking at it from the durability of the border, the cost-efficiency, or how slip resistant it is, composite decking fits the bill, making it the most effective option to frame a pool.

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