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How do I finish off my decking edges?

How do I finish off my decking edges?

Posted by adrac on September 24, 2022

You may have just completed the finishing touches to your composite decking, or perhaps you are engrossed in finding the missing piece to create that sleek finish to the deck.

We could go on and on listing the considerable number of ways you could style your garden. Instead, we’ll narrow it down and give you the top 4 creative means of finishing off the decking edge (to name a few!).

Why should I finish off my composite decking? : The pros vs the pros

We want to ensure you are getting the best out of your decking, just as much as you would. Completing your deck edging will not only be aesthetically pleasing (bonus!), in doing so, you will unlock several safeguarding methods to having composite decking such as protecting the boards from natural elements that cause warping.

In addition to that, you will get the necessary increased grip to the edging of the deck which will conclusively, minimise slipping and sliding.

Methods of finishing the edging

Picture frame

You may wonder why it is called a ‘picture frame’, this can be self-explanatory. We call it that due to the exterior board running along all sides of the deck, similar to how a photo frame would do so for a picture. Hence the title; ‘picture frame’.

This method is an effective way of completing the edging of your composite decking. With the use of the actual deck board, you can formulate a consistent pattern from the top of the deck to the sides, which can also be seen as an extension of your main deck that flows smoothly to the outer edges. It is also convenient if you have any extra pieces laying around from kitting the deck, which you can then use for the edging. Alternatively, you can use a board of a contrasting colour to your deck (such as dark grey with light grey) and place this on the framing instead, enabling the intricate detail of the wood grain board to become more prominent in comparison.

Fascia board

Another elegant option to complete the decking edging is using a fascia board. The fascia board is somewhat comparable to the likes of the decking board, however, it has a grooved effect that follows the vertical sides through from start to finish. This solution is also ideal for when you have a raised deck to contend with, as an alternative to the composite board.

Corner edge trim

Similar function as the fascia board, the corner edge trim is made from a composite material, the same as your deck boards! What does this mean? Well, you would not need to undergo any additional maintenance for these than you would your composite board! This ‘L’ shaped angle piece is a contemporary sliver that sits on the edge of the decking, saving you time and effort in constructing the angle pieces yourself.

The installation of corner trims to your decking edge can be done using a strong adhesive like Gorilla Glue. Another option is to secure the edging piece by screwing it vertically into the decking board. This helps to further consolidate the security of your deck.

Painting the edge

Don’t like the idea of using additional fixings to the deck? We’ve all been there. There’s always a simpler way to every solution. As the painter Hofmann once said, we must “simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Using paint that matches your decking is a subtle way of completing the edging. Alike the picture frame, the painting of the edge creates consistency with the composite deck. You can even do this as a D-I-Y project! Just get a paint brush/roller and let your inner artist reveal!

Please ensure you are using a paint that can withstand certain climates and is weather resistant.

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