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Composite decking for mobile homes and caravans

Composite decking for mobile homes and caravans

Posted by adrac on October 14, 2022

Caravan parks and mobile homes. They’ve long been favourites for folks up and down the country. Either as reliable get away spots or as long-term investments. Renting them out for the most part, with the additional benefit of personal utility. Then there are those who have chosen to use them as living spaces all year around. Whatever you reason for owning one, you want to ensure the longevity of your caravan/mobile park and make sure you keep adding value to it. You can do this is multiple ways. If you don’t have an existing space with some form of decking, then it’s an ideal way to add more living space. For those that currently have either timber or PVC decking, but want to make the natural shift towards a more sustainable solution, then composite decking can be ultimate choice.

Composite decking and outdoor space

There’s fewer better ways to kick back and relax than sitting outside with family and friends to enjoy a succulent meal or have a few drinks. Composite decking is the ideal choice to enhance your outdoor seating areas for your caravan or mobile home. With lots of choice when it comes to colours and designs, composite decking is a very aesthetically appealing option. Not to mention all the added functional advantages. We will look at some below

Added monetary value with composite decking

Composite decking adds value to your property. Whether that’s a house, commercial property, static caravan, a lodge or a mobile home. An additional space with a stunning decked out area will sure bump up the price on your property and be deemed a more lucrative purchase if you come to sell it. Not only that, if you rent out your property to holiday makers and those looking to get away for short retreats, you can charge higher premiums compared to like for like properties without the equivalent outdoor space to kick back.

Low to no maintenance composite decking

Composite decking boards do not rot, mould, warp or splinter. Meaning you don’t need to spend time or money on products like paint, staining or wood treatment to maintain a healthy-looking deck. So, if you’re seldom around at your mobile-home or caravan park, then it’s one less headache. You’ll have that piece of mind with a good quality composite deck, that it will remain in good nick.

Composite decking in different weather conditions

Composite decking is weather resistant. So, no matter if you’re by the coast, the sunny uplands or up north where it tends to rain a lot, you can rest assured that you’re deck boards will weather the storm. Composite decking is anti-slip so highly reduces the chances of you slipping on it. It won’t mould either. Nor will algae or fungus cumulate on the deck. If you live in areas exposed to lots of sunshine, the decking boards are not affected by the UV rays so will not fade or lose their colour.

Composite decking compared to timber or UPVC decking

If you have a decked area made from UPVC or timber. Making the switch across to composite decking is an obvious choice. Timber in recent years has gone up a lot in price. Although it is still a little cheaper. The disparity in price is not what it once used to be. Add all the maintenance products and hours needed to maintain it and its not the most cost-efficient choice either. UPVC decking, cheap though it may be can be dangerous when wet as it isn’t anti-slip and can bend and warp under the elements. Composite decking is a great addition to your property. Whether you don’t currently have a deck area at all, or you want to make the switch over from timber or UPVC decking, composite decking is the ideal choice.

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