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Composite Decking Installers Near Me

Composite Decking Installers Near Me

Posted by adrac on December 19, 2022

When looking for a composite decking installer near your home we have the checklist ready to make sure you get the best for your new garden space. Its never pleasant to have work done and to later find that poor workmanship causes a deterioration or obstacle to using your new outdoor living space. This is why Deckorum have worked with numerous composite decking installers near consumers to be able to recommend approved fitters.

What to look for when choosing a composite decking contractor near me:


  1. Scope Of Work:

    What is the main area of landscaping that is required. A new lawn, composite fencing or composite decking. This should be considering when looking for a landscaper. In that case, if the landscaper is skilled in that field, go with the one with greater experience in landscaping.


  1. Socials:

    An active composite decking installer and landscaper will have content to share. When you know the name check out the social media platforms to see what work is being completed. Composite Decking fitters can be found on Facebook and Instagram with a variety of projects and content to view.


  1. Reviews:

    After a project is finished, feedback is an excellent approach to learn about someone’s overall project experience. This can give insight into the workmanship, the helpfulness and even the personality of the composite decking installer. You can read reviews on Trustpilot and Google Reviews to find out what people thought was greatest about the project.


  1. Previous Work:

    Finding a composite decking installer nearby means other projects may have also been completed close to you. This would make a great opportunity to visit and see first hand the work completed by a fitter. Seeing the finish and if some time ago being able to see how well its held together. It also indicates the connection between fitter and customer that suggests a good working relationship long after the project is completed.


  1. Availability:

    Happy with everything so far, another aspect to look for is when you want the project to start and what the composite decking contractor’s availability is. This would be wise to book in advance as schedules can overlap. Allow plenty of notice of 1-2 months, in the winter months January to February where the weather can restrict the installation some flexibility may be needed.


  1. Prices and Cost:

    No one answer for this. Prices can vary depending on area, experience, materials and demand. It is recommended to seek a couple of quotes before making a decision. Allow room for negotiation and also bearing in mind a contingency amount if more work appears once the project starts.


Approved Installers

Deckorum has created a workforce of composite decking installers nationally and work closely with experienced carpenters, joiners and landscapers. This has allowed Deckorum to provide an excellent service from idea to installation. Deckorum has become a popular choice for installers and as award winning performance composite decking the work manship is much easier to see when using good quality materials.


Contact our experienced Design and Planning Team with no obligation at Deckorum Composite Decking to go through your plans and create an outdoor space to love and enjoy.

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