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Composite decking near me UK

Composite decking near me UK

Posted by adrac on November 16, 2022

As far as we can tell, there has never been a time in human history where we have had access to both information and consumer goods, like we do today. Everything is at our fingertips. Whether it’s groceries, household items, cars or home improvement products like composite decking boards. It’s all just a few clicks away. Ironically, as we began to obtain items more quickly over time, we appeared to become more impatient. Everything needs to be instantaneous. Items that took weeks to arrive, now seem to get here on a next day delivery or even quicker still with the likes of Amazon doing same day delivery. As such Google’s “near me” search queries have gone through the roof in recent times as people want their needs and desires met in real time.

We would argue that “composite decking near me” would apply to all of Deckorum’s customers in the UK. Although our warehouse is in the Northwest of England, closer to the likes of Blackburn, Preston, Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire, we work with consumers and companies all over the UK. With next day delivery, Deckorum composite decking is always near. Whether you’re looking for decking board samples from our Royale or Sollast ranges, or the actual decking boards themselves. If you need them the next day, we can deliver them to most of the UK’s mainland.

Deckorum’s composite decking projects

Deckorum’s decking boards have been used from north of the Scottish Highlands past Aberdeen to all the way off the southern coast of England to the Isle of man and everywhere in between. Just to name a few here. On the BBC’s DIY SOS project in Blackburn, our slate gray composite decking, which is nearly black, was utilized. We’ve had the good fortune of parading our Victorian Brown boards at Longleat Safari Park. Members of the Royal Family who will remain anonymous, have used our Grand Oak boards in Buckinghamshire. The prestigious Audi outlet in London also uses our grey composite decking boards from the Royale Range Silver Tree boards.

We’re always near

So, if you’re ever after “composite decking near me” consider us always close by at Deckorum. Any part of the UK, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Swansea, Cardiff, London, Kent, you name it. If it’s in the UK and you’re after a swift service and or delivery. We have you covered. In addition to that if you need any composite decking ideas for your own personalized project, we have an inhouse design team to help you with that. We can also find you a reputable composite decking installer to work with in your area if you so wish.