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Composite Decking or Paving

Composite Decking or Paving

Posted by adrac on October 13, 2022

Brighten your home with a new look for your outdoor space. Composite decking will be compared to paving and porcelain tiles to look at why it is the better option for now and the future.

Elevate your space
A major trend of seamlessly moving from indoors to outdoors has seen the rise of bi-fold patio doors that allow all the sun and air into the home. To really submerge in the feeling of a nice open space would be to use composite decking. Using the same colour of flooring gives the movement and benefit of the indoors and outdoors feeling as one. No need to wear outdoor shoes with composite decking that is splinter free and soft on the foot.
Using composite decking as your patio also means you don’t have to have a step down. Building a subframe allows you to raise the composite decking to the exact height of choice. If you already have a patio with paving stones on you can save on skips and grab skipper by setting the joists on top of the existing patio. That means no need to have tonnes of aggregate to level and fill for porcelain tiles. Using a substructure can mean a much less labour and a lot less prepping cost.

Lighten the Load

Paving stones can be extremely heavy on the back and on the floor. Composite decking offers a lighter weight and less pressure on balconies, terraces and sloping gardens.
Handling composite decking in awkward places makes it more accessible, especially in areas where paving is not best suited. This can include narrow steps and small sections as well as vertical sides.
Composite decking can weigh approx. 2.5kg per metre and using lighter substructures can alleviate the load on spaces that have weight capacities such as a roof terrace or balcony.

Protecting now, Protecting forever

Composite decking helps protect the planet by reducing the pollution caused by plastics and wood waste. Instead of landfills we have composite decking. Combine recycled bottle caps and dust from wood manufacturing to create a durable and attractive outdoor product. Compared to paving which uses mining, exhaustive labour and larger transport requirements, the impact on the environment is greater compared to wood plastic composite decking.
Using wood dust that is FSC approved and only the highest grade of plastic means Deckorum Composite Decking provides sustainable and eco friendly products that are durable and high quality.

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