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Grey Composite Decking for Outdoor Living

Grey Composite Decking for Outdoor Living

Posted by adrac on December 17, 2022

Grey Composite Decking

When looking for Grey Composite Decking ideas Deckorum has the best performance composite decking for it. We picked the best grey composite decking colours to suit the assorted styles and fashions of the garden. We offer a variety of different textures and tones that embed naturally to outdoors with natural greys.

A grey composite deck can be used to balance shades, provide cool and sophisticated tones. The grey tones are also great to enhance with accent colours. Grey goes well with yellows and blues in soft furnishings as well as other colours to add personality. Ideals Homes pick the best accent colours to go with Grey for the look you are trying to achieve

Silver Tree Composite Decking

Starting with our most popular choice of board, the Silver Tree Composite Decking boards. The Silver Tree boards introduces itself as our lightest grey from our Royale range. Although Silver Tree composite decking board has a light ash tone once the UV has settled. This composite decking is a wood effect and offers gentle tones that harmonise with garden greenery. Settles nicely with cosy garden furniture and soothing with evening lighting.

Stone Grey Composite Decking

Deckorum’s Stone Grey board offers warmer neutral mid tones and seconds as a non-slip board for high quality. Rated as low risk for slips the grey also offers a tinge of greens and browns to blend with the tones of a busy garden. The Stone Grey composite decking board is a modern look which goes well with sharp lines and rendered walls.

Slate Grey Composite Decking

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As the name suggests a dark grey that really ties in with anthracite windows and doors. The Slate grey composite decking boards with deeper undertones can enrich an outdoor entertainment area making it more elegant. When exposed to sunlight, the composite decking board with wood grain is designed to be a light dark grey with hints of a lighter grey. Stylish furniture benefits this colour to add a splash of colour.

Granite Jet Composite Decking

The darkest of the greys provides the mysterious charcoal tones to draw in the attention of a sleek and contemporary modern home. Bright colours pop against this almost black composite decking board. But, the narrow and wide grooves provide a style that navigates the lines of fencing, planters, and outdoor buildings to give a crisp look of refinement.

Grey Composite Decking Ideas

The lengths of the boards provide multitude solutions. In order to maximize productivity, the 4m composite decking offers longer rows and boards that may be sliced into 1m or 2m boards. The 2.9m decking boards perform well to save on cuts. The decking board at half point is 1.45m and used for steps and to fill rows. When it comes to design and layout, composite decking can accommodate a range of designs while maximizing the use of both space and resources.

Incorporating colours together is another way to make individual the style and uniqueness of a composite deck. The combination of dark decking boards with a light shade of grey decking boards makes defined areas and sections for different uses such as dining or entertaining.

To buy grey composite decking Deckorum’s prices start £18.88 ex vat per 2.9m board. The boards offers exceptional value for a board that is strength, fire and slip assessed to meet excellent quality.

See it to believe it, order a set of decking samples in 2 ranges or select colour by contacting out team.  You can also fill in a request form on the site. Samples are free on request and see first hand why Deckorum has won 3 years in a row the best performance composite decking UK award.

For bespoke no obligation design and quote we have a in house team that are experienced with working for Audi, Hilton, and domestic consumers, work out exactly what you need and how to plan your composite decking project.

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