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How long should composite decking last?

How long should composite decking last?

Posted by adrac on September 16, 2022

Composite decking has been designed to be durable and long lasting. Whilst it is not indestructible, it is one of the most resilient products out there in the market. With newer, innovative technologies and designs, it continues to improve both aesthetically and structurally. Like much else in life it does however come in different grades and quality. A good quality composite deck should last upwards of 25 years. You will find composite covered with warranties anywhere between 15 to 25 years.

 Why was composite decking made to be long lasting?

Composite decking was created to deal with all the issues that traditional timber decks cause. To name a few, rotting, moulding, splintering, becoming discoloured. This would usually mean that over  the years, being in the elements, the deck would slowly fall apart structurally and wasn’t overly pleasant to look at either. To maintain the appeal of a timber deck, requires constant maintenance, namely staining, painting, removing any mould that’s gathered. Even with the maintenance work, once the mould and rot has set in, there’s only one inevitable outcome. Replacing the deck!

 How does composite decking last so long? 

Composite decking requires little or no maintenance. It has been created by mixing recycled wood and plastic in such a manner that all the issues listed above do not affect it. Good quality decking also comes with extra capping for further protection from the elements. It is resistant to UV rays, insects, fungus and the weather. This also means it doesn’t need staining or painting and will not be affected by mould issues. If you use a professional installer or can install the deck yourself, you should have a low maintenance, long lasting deck that you can enjoy for many years if you follow the maker’s installation guide.

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