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how to clean composite decking

how to clean composite decking

Posted by adrac on April 6, 2021

For those of us with (or considering) composite decking as an alternative to the traditional timber decking options, you’ll be pleased to know that not only will you benefit from increased durability, but you’ll also be amazed at just how easy it is to keep clean.

With just two to three hours each year, you can give your composite decking a quick clean. This will return it to a pristine condition, ready for you to enjoy the warmer weather. Furthermore, you won’t need any specialist equipment to give your composite decking an annual clean. Most of the items needed are likely already in your garage or garden shed.

Here’s how to get started with cleaning your composite decking.

Remove any debris

Before you begin cleaning your composite decking boards, make sure to remove any debris that has accumulated. This will ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process.

Remove larger debris from your composite decking with a soft outdoor brush. Use a household vacuum cleaner or leaf blower to remove smaller particles.

Get ready to rinse

Some tiny particles of dust or dirt can be difficult to see with the naked eye, so using a hose rinse off the entire composite decking area to ensure that as much dirt has been removed as possible before moving on to the actual cleaning.

Be wary of harmful chemicals

To get your composite decking sparkling once more all you’ll need is a little warm soapy water. Don’t be tempted to use harsh chemicals as these can actually damage your composite decking boards.

Most bleach contains chlorine, which can strip away the protective coating of your composite decking. Avoid using bleach to preserve the beautiful colors of your decking boards.

If you’ve noticed a tough build-up of mould on your decking, there are a range of specialist composite decking cleaners available that offer powerful cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.

Avoiding streaks and damage

Once you’ve cleaned off your composite decking, it’s time to rinse again. Doing a small section at a time on a sunny day is a good way of avoiding streaks on composite decking, but if you are thinking of getting your pressure washer out to help speed things up, make sure that you aim the water at least 30cm away from the decking and under 3000psi of pressure.

You will also need to go with the grain of your composite decking to avoid damage and to keep it looking in tip-top condition.