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Is Composite Decking pet friendly?

Is Composite Decking pet friendly?

Posted by adrac on September 11, 2022

Looking for a pet friendly composite decking option? We’ve got you covered. Learn more about composite decking and whether or not it’s the right choice for your home from this blog.

There’s something innate in us as humans that draws us to the animal kingdom. After all, we are a part of It, albeit a more sophisticated species (we would hope). As far as we know there’s no chinchillas playing the cello, no parrots writing love poetry or labradoodles doodling artistic masterpieces. But, that hasn’t stopped us forming long, loving bonds with a wide array of animals that we have domesticated over the centuries. You’ll find cats, dogs or both in most households these days. They’re every bit a part of the family. Because they are a loyal part of the family, we have to be mindful of any decisions we make that will impact our pets. One of those decisions is the types of products we use in our homes and how they pertain to the safety of our pets.

 Is composite decking safe for my dog or cat?

Have you found yourself to be drawn to the aesthetic appeal of composite decking? Or perhaps you’re drawn to it for more pragmatic reasons like the fact that decking made from composite doesn’t rot, mould, splinter or warp. But then, as a pet parent, you may have had paws for thought. Well, you’re not alone. We commonly get asked, Is composite decking ok for dogs? is composite decking too hot for dogs? Can my cat or dog sit out on my composite deck? Fur-tunatley, the answer is a resounding YES!! We can look at what makes composite decking safe for pets below.

Composite Decking is not toxic to pets

Composite decking does not contain chemicals that would harm your cat or dog. So, they can safely play, lie, sleep, even lick the boards and you can be assured they will not affect your pet

Composite decking won’t leave splinters in your pets

High quality composite decking boards are made to last. With warranties of up to 25 years, composite decking will not crack or splinter like traditional timber decks. So as much as your pets loves to play fetch, they won’t catch a splinter in their mouth or paw.

Composite Decking is scratch resistant and anti-slip

Premium decking boards come with an extra protective layer of capping, making them more scratch resistant. Which is ideal for when pets are running around freely and should not leave any claw marks on the deck. This extra capping also makes the deck easy to clean from any accidents your pets may have on your composite deck. A quick clean with warm soapy water should do the trick.

 Is composite decking too hot for dogs?

Composite decking has evolved over the years and has come a long way since the earlier generations of decking. Well manufactured premium decking boards do not retain as much heat as they once may have. It’s important to note that if it the conditions are too hot for you, then inevitably, they will be too hot for your canine sidekick. The normal laws of physics still apply. Darker colours tend to absorb more heat. Exposure to the sun will cause decking surfaces to get hotter, but that is also the case with timber decks. Composite decking is used across many warm climates without issue. As long as you take sensible steps, as you would expect on hot days, then you can enjoy your deck safely.


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