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How to Save Money on Composite Decking

How to Save Money on Composite Decking

Posted by Deckorum Admin on March 6, 2023

How to save money when building a composite deck

Composite decking is an excellent investment to create a contemporary outdoor living space. There are many variations available including wood grain appearances, grooved boards, colours, and as well as being durable, you can create it to the design that you want. Although this is a great option for utilising the extra garden space, it can sometimes be a costly option, which is why we have constructed a list to guide you on the most budget-friendly ways to save money on composite decking when creating your own at home.

Install your own decking

Did you know that hiring a contractor to install your decking can cost almost the same as or more than the price you paid for your decking? We know that doing so can save you time yourself or ensure a good, sturdy deck quality, however, if you choose to undergo the DIY project instead, you would be able to reduce your labour costs to zero. This option can take longer than hiring somebody else to complete this for you, although you would save potentially thousands by doing this. It can also be an opportunity to get a close friend or family member involved, just make sure you have the right tools for the job as this is an essential part of the process, as the wrong tools can either damage the decking installation supports or take a lot longer than needed.

Another option would be to hire the fitter to create your substructure (if necessary) which would involve potentially digging holes for concrete, placing the footings and posts as well as the joists. All you would need to do is lay down the decking boards.

Reduce the size of your decking area

Many of you may be quite hesitant about this idea, however, when you consider the intention of the deck and how much space you would actually use, this is a useful tip to reduce the cost overall when building your composite deck. Especially if you do not often entertain several guests at once and do not require a large enough deck that accommodates 20+ people, and rather prefer a small wine and dine with friends/family, a more fitting smaller deck would still provide you with the same wonderful memories, just at a lower price. It’s also no surprise that a smaller deck can be more cosy and intimate with a nice outdoor fire, or a delicious grill barbecue. Opting to reduce the size of your composite decking area is an excellent way to save money on your deck construction.

Use Deckorum Composite Decking!

It is important to consider all options that are best for you. This is what many of our clients have done when choosing Deckorum decking boards, ranging from small gardens and planters to larger projects done by the DIY SOS team on the BBC as well as the royal family!

Our multi-award winning decking ensures unbeatable quality, with a 25 year warranty for your own peace of mind, you can enjoy at your own leisure with the durability of Deckorum boards and the premium ranges we offer, costing less than other decking suppliers such as Trex, but with an award-winning quality! The composite boards have been strength tested, and are anti-slip as well as fire resistant, so you can have your Sunday barbecues, get the paddling pool out for the kids, or even place a standard 500kg hot tub on top with no need to concern yourself about the weight. Offering not one, but two premium quality ranges, the choice is yours! Match the colours to your patio doors or even garden furniture, you decide.

Another key feature of Deckorum boards is not having to worry about painting your decking or using sealants. As the colour does not fade like a standard wooden deck would, Deckorum boards have anti-UV protection to prevent rays from fading the colour, saving you money by not having to repaint or stain the boards. Our boards are also water-resistant, so do not require sealants to protect it from moisture and rotting, whereas wooden decking boards would require annual sealants on the boards itself and continuous upkeep. This is why our boards last for several years without any noticeable wear and tear!

Clean the decking yourself

Another guarantee we can ensure is that composite decking is not as tedious as wooden decking when it comes to keeping it clean. To save money on composite decking, you can clean the decking boards yourself, and you wouldn’t need to use any expensive products either! The majority of composite decking boards can be cleaned with soapy water and a sponge, as well as a standard brush to scrape out any debris such as leaves or mud from shoes. This way, you would not need to pay somebody else to clean it for you or look at the hefty price tag on those industrial cleaners, which are not only expensive, but can be harmful/toxic to plants and the board itself.