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What Can I Do to Make My Garden Look Better

What Can I Do to Make My Garden Look Better

Posted by adrac on November 2, 2022

A garden we can sometimes picture as a beautiful escape from the 4 walls of inside to tranquil beauty of natural surroundings with flowers and open space. Then why do our gardens look like a forgotten Jurassic landscape that time forgot. We often don’t have the time or sunny weather to create the gardens we see on Instagram. We also struggle to maintain the perfectly curated garden that we dream of spending time in.

Gardens can often become a place that is forbidden because of the mud, nowhere to sit or lurking monsters in the overgrown hedge shadows. Adults look outside from the kitchen window and think they should try and get out more, while children are stuck indoors.

Luckily since the arrival of low maintenance gardens it’s much easier and the effort to enjoyment ratio has never been further apart. It can be as little as 2 days’ work to allow 25 years of no hassle. Gone are the days of only spending time outside in the summer. It’s now a year-round option and making the most of the fresh air whenever you want.

The options to choose from to provide a more comfortable environment can include artificial grass, porcelain tiles, and mostly composite decking. This composite decking has a much truer likeness to switch from indoors to outdoors for all seasons. When we think outdoors garden space it includes entertaining, dining and most of all relaxing. By setting up some chairs, a table and heat source it can create what feels like another room. With a softer look of composite decking, it provides a flat surface, soft enough to walk on with slippers and low maintenance.

Artificial grass is soft and can cover large areas quickly. However, it does come with some negatives. It is not ideal to place furniture on it as it can crumple up in areas to cause a trip hazard. It is also not friendly for nature. Artificial grass stops the natural habitat from its eco system and in turn makes the soil underneath become lifeless. Long term this can have environmental issues.

Porcelain tiles are hard wearing and can look shiny providing a glossy look. The downside is the back breaking installation and preparation required. Porcelain tiles are available in a multitude of colors and effects. The surface is generally non-slip when dry but can become a higher risk when wet. Building a patio with less aggregate and concrete is possible by choosing a low-level area. This will result in a flat surface suitable for furniture

Aesthetically composite decking looks fantastic with a variety of colours and textures to choose from. Adjustable to suit different heights with low profile composite joists and higher heights with plastic lumber joists. A versatile option to suit outdoor furniture and designs to make the best use of space. With low maintenance, composite decking enables a dining, entertaining, and relaxing experience. It eliminates the disruption of trying to preserve how good it looks. All seasons suit the use of composite decking, featuring 4th generation anti-slip surfaces.

Deckorum provides the award winning composite decking UK boards that have been fire tested, slip tested, and strength tested to offer a product that is durable and long lasting. For information on how to transform your garden into a luxury retreat contact the Planning and Design team at Deckorum Composite Decking. Deckorum providing expert 5-star service with products to match.

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