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What is composite decking

What is composite decking

Posted by adrac on September 13, 2022

Looking out of the window at your outdoor space and wondering what you could do to make use of the area? Welcome composite decking as the solution. But what is it for and what is it made of? Let us go through the questions to make an informed choice and what to look out for to make the best choice in choosing the right product.

What is composite decking for

Composite decking is for creating an outdoor space that you can spend time on for dining, resting and entertaining guests.

Composite decking is an innovative product that has revolutionised the decking industry. Whereas once a timber deck would need high maintenance, composite decking allows you to not worry about the upkeep with next to no maintenance.

Extending your living space to make full use of the garden area, composite decking has allowed the transition of inside to outside look perfect. Roof terraces and balconies have no excuse to stay looking tired, ideal for roofs and apartments, the decking systems allow you to enjoy the sunshine and spend time in the fresh air.

Hot tubs and swimming pools love composite deck around them with an anti-slip surface reducing the risk of slips and falls. Decking is used to surround swimming pools for sun loungers and deck chairs bringing the holiday vibes to your home. Build your steps up and down to immerse yourself in a hot tub and rest that champagne on the side whilst you are in the bubbles.

A wealth of options to best use composite deck and bringing added value to your home

What is composite decking made of

Composite decking is made from recycled wood fibres and recycled polyethylene and in this case high density (HDPE) plastic. Wood being a natural sustainable product provides great physical, mechanical and optical properties. HDPE contributing crystalline properties in a honeycomb structure allows for strength and long life. Whereas these products would otherwise end up in the oceans or landfills, we can repurpose them to create amazing composite decks.

Additives are added which should normally make up about 10% of composite decking. The addition of bonding agents, color, UV protection, insect repellents, and mold resistance occurs at this point. Normally what defines an excellent quality composite decking board is the additive detail.

How is composite decking made?

Composite decking goes through an extrusion manufacturing process that moulds everything together. The materials are poured together, mixed and then heated to an elevated temperature to create the molecular bonding.

The new mix is pushed through an opening that creates the size and shape of the decking board. The textures are then layered on to provide a brushed 3d effect with the sanding taking place as the temperature is cooled by water jets. A quality check is done of the decking boards to ensure that the best is then packed and made ready for dispatch.

What are its benefits of composite decking?

Composite decking comes with many benefits compared to timber deck and why it is the better option for now and the future.

First of all, maintenance: truly little to no upkeep is required. Whereas timber deck requires treating regularly, decking does not require any treating, painting or varnishing. It does not rot and absorbs little moisture making it a long-lasting option.

Textures and colour: A multitude of designs, sizes and colours are provided to suit the needs and style of a garden. Go for a contemporary look with straight lines and sharpness or soften the look with woodgrain effects in harmony that is in tune with nature. Greys suiting the modern home and extending the living space to the browns where trees and


How was saving the planet so easy. Choosing composite deck helps reduce waste from landfills and pollution in the seas. Made from recycled materials the combination creates a product we can use for a generation and even better it can grounded down to be recycled again. The wood powder (saw dust) comes from FSC sourced manufacturers ensuring sustainability of the world’s forests. The Plastic from scrap car bumpers and bottle caps helps again to reduce waste we have on the planet.

Strong and Safe: When we put something in our home, we want it to be of excellent quality. Composite decking is excellent to use as a platform by providing over one tonne weight capacity per square metre. Terrific for family time and getting everybody on the deck.

Safe for all the family, decking does not splinter or split. Using with no shoes on and children playing is the peace of mind we need. Pets are safe to join in too with no toxins used in the materials.

Anti-Slip: An extremely important benefit, the risk of slip is greatly decreased dry and when wet. Composite decking is ideal for staying upright in all weather conditions due to its mold resistance and grooved surface texture. The coefficient of friction test determines that composite decking provides a low risk of slip.


Overall composite decking offers a great outdoor space to have additional living areas. It can be used in a variety of settings, such as creating a flat area around pools and hot tubs.

Made from sustainable products, composite deck is an effortless way of making sure we protect our planet for future generations. At the same time not needing to maintain with hours of labour-intensive treating or painting. Composite decking remains long lasting and looks great throughout its life span.

A technological and engineering combination gives us the latest and best 4th Generation of decking. Down to the molecular formation the production ensures the decking boards will produce the best quality for domestic and commercial use.

Exceptional benefits of strength, safety and anti-slip as well as good for the planet. Deckorum composite decking is a great option to add value to your home and lifestyle.

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