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What span length can I do with composite decking?

What span length can I do with composite decking?

Posted by adrac on November 5, 2021

In the whole article, we will discuss about the perfect composite decking span length. The maximum span length for most composite decking is 16 feet. But sometimes it will be different.

If you’ve already been convinced by the benefits of composite decking to enhance your outdoor space, you’re not alone.

Thousands of homeowners across the globe are already enjoying the virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting good looks of composite decking for their own homes with a plethora of styles and colours to choose from.

In fact, the only real limit of using composite decking for any outdoor upgrade is your imagination, so if you are handy around the house and have a few tools at your disposal, there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t install your own composite decking with a little time, a few standard tools and some help from your friends.

You could easily hire someone to carry out a full installation service for you if you want to be hands-off. However, if you’re handy around the house and garden, you should have no trouble installing the decking yourself.

It’s no secret that the best-decked areas start with solid foundations regardless of their size. To support the length of your intended decking area, you must therefore construct a strong, level, and sturdy framework.

Failure to get this part right will result in an uneven distribution of weight. Varying joist heights also mean that your decking won’t be completely level when it’s finished – not exactly ideal. If you want to keep those cocktails upright or sausages from rolling off dinner plates at a BBQ!

Measure of span length

Most manufacturers recommend a span of 12 to 16 inches between joists for composite decking span length of any size with many time-served composite decking installation experts favoring spans of 16 inches for a strong and solid deck.

If you will be installing your new composite decking at a 45-degree angle, a maximum of 12 inches on centre will give you the best result. Be sure to double-check those joist measurements if you want your new decking to look fantastic once you’ve finished.

Remember, your composite decking will be a focal point for your garden for many years to come with just a little TLC, so make sure that you get those joists correct during installation as you’ll be looking at your new outdoor feature for quite some time!