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Why is composite decking so expensive?

Why is composite decking so expensive?

Posted by adrac on September 22, 2022

We see this question get asked often. A better question would be; Is composite decking expensive? Which removes the assumption, that it’s actually the case. Let me explain

Well it certainly isn’t overpriced or extravagant in the traditional sense. Especially, when you take into account the value, aesthetic appeal and longevity of composite decking to its alternative, namely a timber deck. The disparity in cost between timber decking and composite decking is largely down to two factors. Timber is abundant in its supply so can be sourced easily and for less. Secondly the cost of manufacturing composite decking from recycled wood and plastic is a lot higher than for timber

Does composite decking really cost more than timber?

You can pay for things with your hard-earned money or you can pay for them in a different way. The old adage, there’s no free lunch, generally rings true in life. So, if it’s not your money you’re paying with, you’ll tend to be paying with your time and labour. Are we to regard as “free gifts” the things for which we spend our very selves? And your very self is what it will cost to maintain a timber deck.

In addition to your precious time, over the life span of a timber deck, say 10-15 years, (if it lasts that long) you’ll be spending hundreds of pounds on paint, deck stain and treatment to prevent rotting and mould. This is not the case with composite decking. Once its down, if it is a good quality composite deck, it will take very little of your time. There’s no need to stain, treat or paint. So there’s lots of savings to be had.

Is composite decking expensive?

Overall, when you consider the factors we’ve already discussed, composite decking is a very prudent choice. Not only from a financial and time perspective. But, the many other benefits it brings to the table. It’s eco-friendly, so those of us that are conscious about these things, know, that the manufacturing process for composite decking uses recycled plastic that could otherwise end up polluting the oceans. Composite decking also uses recycled wood, resulting in fewer trees being felled. Composite decking is also very aesthetically pleasing. There’s continuous evolution in this space. New designs are always on the horizon. Perhaps, you’re after the traditional woodgrain look of timber, or it’s a more contemporary look you’re after with grooved decking. Or perhaps you want two toned composite decking, or multi coloured decks. You can rest assured there’s lots of colour and design choices. Making decks made from composite a very customizable option.

Composite decking as an investment.

Composite decking should be seen as an investment. You’re investing in to your future “time pot”. Not only does it add value from a utility point of view, where you get to enjoy your deck for days out relaxing in the sun, barbeques and the like. But it also adds value to your property. A good decked out space is known to increase your house price. With long warranties of up to 25 years you are getting lots of value and peace of mind.

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