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Will Composite Decking burn

Will Composite Decking burn

Posted by adrac on August 26, 2022

Will Composite Decking burn?

You may have heard of this little gem that’s replacing traditional timber decking up and down the UK. Composite Decking. It’s spreading like wildfire and never been more popular. It’s true, decking made from composite doesn’t rot, mold, warp or splinter and needs very little maintenance. But have you found yourself asking, “does composite decking catch fire and burn?” For the most part composite decking is made from recycled wood and plastic. Both of these materials are combustible and therefore will catch fire when certain conditions present themselves. Not all materials ignite and or burn at the same rate depending on their chemical makeup. For this reason, composite decking has been given a fire rating just like any other material. The chart below demonstrates the different ratings and what they mean:
A1     The Product is classed as a Non-Combustible
A2 Limited Combustibility
B Combustible materials – Very Limited contribution to fire
C Combustible materials – Limited contribution to fire
D Combustible materials – Medium contribution to fire
E Combustible materials – High contribution to fire
F Combustible materials – Easily flammable
  As you can see above, there’s quite a few variations in the ratings and how they relate to different materials. Some substances are inherently more conducive to catching fire.

What fire rating is composite decking?

In order to reduce the chances of ignition, fire retardants are used in the manufacturing of composite decking boards. These are materials that slow down the process of ignition and combustion. Deckorum’s composite decking boards are manufactured with Grade A composite materials and are rated B1, so although they have very limited contribution to fire and less combustible than the traditional timber deck (which has a fire rating of C), it can still catch fire and burn. Safety Although composite decking is safe for both residential and commercial properties, you should always ensure best practice is followed to reduce the chance of fire. Some properties have restrictions on the types of materials they can use, for example certain high towers. It is always best to check with the powers that be, if composite decking or any other material for that matter, is suitable for your project.