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Grey Composite Decking

Grey Composite Decking

Posted by adrac on October 15, 2022

Grey composite decking. It’s been the rage for a while. For good reason no less. It’s elegant and classy looking. And much like composite decking, which lasts for several decades, grey, will stand the test of time.

The colour Grey

It’s an interesting question. There’s something in the collective human psyche of late that draws it to grey. Everywhere you look, from external windows and doors, fencing, benches to internal home décor, grey has become a common “go to” colour. Let me qualify that though. It’s not like there’s just the one shade of grey and no (it’s not limited to 50 shades of grey either). A quick google search and you’ll find upwards of 250 purported variations of the colour. Anthracite, Silver, Slate, fossil, stone, cloud, smoke, the list goes on, ok I’m not going to name them all here today and send you into a premature slumber. But you get the point.

Why grey composite decking works

Grey composite decking goes pretty much with anything. So, whatever you have in mind for the rest of your dream garden space, the likelihood is grey decking boards will go nicely in enhancing and beautifying your garden. Grey decking boards have a lot of versatility. You can match them up with pebbled areas, stone, turf, fencing and much more. Match it up to nothing else other than your anthracite windows if you so wish, it will work. We’ve seen some stunning projects over the years.

Grey composite deSilver Tree 2 2 1cking set to all sorts of backdrops and each time it seems effortless. Now I’m not for a second suggesting that these projects we’re a mish mash put together with little or no thought. Far from it. Lot’s of thought goes into laying a composite deck to ensure it compliments the rest of the house. As it should. After all, the likelihood is, that a good quality composite deck is going to be down in your garden for upwards of 25 years.

Deckorum’s Grey composite Decking

At the time of writing, Deckorum has 4 composite decking boards that come in a variation of the grey. From the Sollast Range, we have the Granite Jet which is a darker grey composite board and then the Stone Grey decking boards which are a lighter shade out of the two. These boards are grooved on both sides. Wider grooves on one side then a reversible side which has narrow grooves.

The same colour codes can be found in our other range also, namely the Royale Range. The Slate Grey is the darker grey decking board whilst the Silver Tree gives the option of a lighter grey decking board. These boards have narrow groves on one side with a 3D embossed woodgrain finish on the opposite side.  All our composite decking boards are award winning.

Using only Grade A materials Deckorum composite decking has won the Best Performance Composite Decking UK Award for 3 years in a row. Constant to be better we don’t take chances on guessing.

Keeping a close eye on quality means you don’t have to spend hours trying to maintain your deck and benefit from:

  • No splitting
  • No rot/ decomposing
  • No painting/varnishing .
  • Made to Last
  • Multiple style/colours

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