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Is Composite Decking Worth It?

Is Composite Decking Worth It?

Posted by Deckorum Admin on March 15, 2023

Is Composite Decking Worth It?


Composite decking has grown in the UK market year on year and is set to continue. But what makes it an landscaping option and most of all is composite decking worth it? We will investigate areas of what the pros and cons are of composite decking and why it can be considered as alternative to concreate and porcelain tiles.

With great power come great responsibility, at Deckorum we want the signature of quality above all else. With many varieties of composite decking the pros and cons can be highlighted.

What’s the best price for composite decking?

Many proverbs about buying cheap so its worth assessing what the components are that make a good quality composite deck board. First all the materials used. Deckorum uses grade A materials meaning boards are not mixed with toxins or unwanted components that can make a deck unsafe for pets and children. Ensure the materials of Wood fibres and plastics are responsibly sourced and sustainable.

Secondly a good quality board is pressed at a higher temperature. Yes, it costs a little more to manufacture but this stronger board causes a chemical reaction making a honeycomb structure. This in turn has resulted in Deckorum boards withstanding nearly 500kg of weight bearing capacity every 250mm squared. For heavy traffic and regular use, it is a must to have a strength tested board that will last.

Thirdly check what the warranty covers. Cheaper board means less life of the deck. Composite decking is a low maintenance option that compares with porcelain, there should not be a thought of damages and repairs after completing your landscaping project. Better quality composite decking is expected to last at least 15+ years so take this into account when checking the prices for decking boards.


How long does composite decking look good for?

At Deckorum we think it should always look good.

The colour and textures of the deck remain the same for the lifetime of the deck. This is because the UV settles on the boards in the first few weeks. It is unfortunate that with the older generations of composite decking the textures and colours fade away. Deckorum offer the 4th generation of composite decking, this means the durability is much better compared to older variations of decking. Aesthetically when installing a deck it can extend the living space from inside to outside as one or fit in harmony with its surroundings of trees and fencing. The aim of Deckorum is to have a soft, wood like material but without the labour of maintaining.

Deckorum composite has excellent benefits of slip, resistance, scratch resistance, mould and fade resistance to name a few. Providing peace of mind for the family and extra living space should be made easy and enjoyable. There is a variety of colours and designs available to suit each outdoor space. They can also match the purpose it is needed for.

Deckorum is a leading provider of composite decking in the UK market that offers quality, durability and 25 year warranty for its products. Therefore, composite decking is worth it for anyone who wants to enhance their outdoor area with an attractive and reliable deck.

Questions about your landscaping project? Ask the in house design and planning team at Deckorum what you are looking for. Service of the highest level can assist you in creating your perfect space.